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Valkyrie Training Solutions offers WORLD CLASS tactical firearms training to Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military personnel. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just beginning to explore the “shooting lifestyle”, we can provide with the education that will give you the ability to think or fight your way out of a problem.

Our training curriculum is presented in a logical stair-step manor, that focuses on blending combat effective shooting with combat proven tactics taken from our extensive Law Enforcement and Special Operations background. You will be proctored and coached through each class, in self-paced approach by our veteran military and Law Enforcement instructors whose whole focus is providing you a safe and dynamic learning environment. Every drill and lecture will provide you with a broad and detailed understanding of tactical shooting.

Our goal is to enlighten you to the understanding that, YOU, are the weapon, and everything else is a tool to make you more effective.  The overarching approach to our philosophy, is that you need to learn to think your way out of a problem before you must fight your way out of it!

Why Choose Valkyrie Training Solutions


The Valkyrie Mission

VTS’s Mission is to provide our clients with the understanding that Fire Arms are just tools, and that your real weapon is your own ability to process information and make sound decisions under stress. We do this by providing you a “blue print” that will give you a solid foundation that is steeped in realist combat focused training goals designed to steer you to real Proficiency. We emphasize the consistent, execution of the fundamentals of marksmanship while under stress. We will teach you simple and repeatable basics and quickly begin to sharpen those skills, while not wasting time on “Entertainment”! Our focus is to execute the basic skills effectively, efficiently, consistently and with a high degree of Proficiency.


An Ideal Location

Valkyrie Training Solutions is based out of Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis and our primary training location is located within 30 minutes of downtown Dallas. Being based out of Dallas, TX we can provide not only a top tier training environment but it is easy to travel to and Dallas/Fort Worth has excellent hotels, amenities and restaurants to choose from.


Valkyrie Training Solutions offers a variety of courses to civilians, Law Enforcement (LE), military and government or private security agencies. Our training courses will provide a stair-step approach to getting you prepared and to give you the confidence needed to address any high-risk situation.

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